News - Block 2021 basement revealed: Josh and Luke’s home theater, week 4

A week after being embroiled in a cheating scandal, Josh and Luke have high hopes for their home theater.
“The judges will say,’Wow, this is a really well thought out home theater. They have gone beyond everything to make this as realistic as possible, as if you were actually in the cinema’,” Luke said.
But when the judges entered their space, they seemed to miss the score. Scroll through more photos of the room and see what Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer, and Neale Whitaker have to say.
The task of the team was to create half of the basement area, and Josh and Luke were the only team that did this.
After entering, Shaynna questioned the layout of the room, and the judge believed that the orientation of only four seats might be wrong.
“Wow. The first thing I noticed is that there are no walls or curtains. Is this the best layout? Because it feels small, even if it is large,” she said.
Compared with some other teams, Darren feels that the twins’ room has a more “commercial” feel.
“We have that red panelled velvet wall, and we have Iron Man standing there.”
“It’s very cool, and I’m not a huge Marvel nerd-in fact, I don’t even think I have seen an Iron Man movie in my life. But I actually like it very much,” he said.
“It’s funny because I’m a huge Marvel nerd, and I’m a big fan…I don’t want to be in my house,” he said.
Shaynna called the cabinet around the big screen, and the judge thought it was too prominent.
“This amount of storage is absolutely fantastic, but when you watch TV, you don’t need so many white cabinets,” she said.
“It needs to disappear, because I promise you will sit there, you can only see the cabinet.”
The twins agreed with Shaynna’s comment, saying that when the cabinet arrived, it was lighter than they expected.
“It’s just a very beautiful and interesting finish, like how it illuminates everything ahead, so it won’t hit your face. I think it’s a very beautiful finish,” he said.
The twins included an area with a mini refrigerator in the space, but Shaynna had a big problem. Too bright for home theater.
“I do like popcorn machines, but it doesn’t work in this environment,” Shaynna said, before lashing out at the overall style of the twins’ room, thinking they were dark and lazy.
“It rises and falls, it rises and falls,” Neal said. “It’s as if they were very sophisticated the first minute, and the next minute it was as if they were back.”
Darren commented that the lounge in the space was “something he didn’t want to see.” The judge believes that chairs with cup holders are too commercial for residential use.
Neal agreed, arguing that the twins’ choice indicated a lack of experience and inability to read their market.
Then Shaynna dropped some of her harshest criticisms to date. Sitting in the lounge looking upset, she closed the room with a slam.
“When a buyer walks in here, the buyer may think,’What else can I use that space for?’
“And when they walk into Ronnie and Georgia or Tanya and Vito, they think,’Wow, I just bought myself a luxurious home theater. I don’t want to use this space for anything else.’”
Despite the feedback, Josh and Luke defended the room, and Josh said that the feedback from the judges boiled down to “personal opinions.”
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Post time: Sep-13-2021