News - How to solve the phenomenon of warping of automatic self-adhesive labeling machine,S-CONNING labeling machine manufacturer tells you

Nowadays, a product not only needs to be packaged, but also needs to be labelled after packaging. The labelled product will give consumers a visual aesthetic. For production and processing enterprises, labeling machines play an important role in the product production process. Now the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine is widely used in the market, so how should we solve the phenomenon of warping labels in use?

automatic self-adhesive labeling machine

The following S-CONNING labeling machine manufacturers tell you: the solution to the phenomenon of automatic self-adhesive labeling machine warping


1. The automatic self-adhesive labeling machine increases the viscosity of the label.


2. Try to use soft label materials, good label ductility will greatly improve the warping label.


3. Make the bottom angle of the label into an arc, and try to avoid the deformation area of the end cap.


4. Eliminate the influence of static electricity.


5. Avoid water droplets on the label and do not use it in a cooling environment.


The fully automatic self-adhesive labeling machine launched by the labeling machine manufacturer helps the product to indicate the identity, which is an important factor that directly affects the image of the product. It can be seen that the importance of labeling. In the same way, the problem of labeling will reduce the image of the product, and even if the product has good quality, it will also reduce the sales volume. Therefore, the problem of raising the standard is definitely an important link in the production and sales of goods. I hope that the solution to the warping phenomenon of the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine recommended by the manufacturer of the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine today can help you and improve economic benefits.

Post time: Jun-07-2022