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SLA-310 Round Bottle Vertical Labeling Machine

Vertical feeding and Labeling System

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S310 Vertical feeding and Labeling System Suitable for: automatic labeling on cylindrical packaging containers in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, and food industries


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The Optimal Upgrade

-Manual entire tray vertical loading, or even automatic conveying and labeling in the filling line.

-Vertical high-speed sorting turntable.

-Vertical feeding makes it more convenient to put in materials, greatly reducing labor intensity and improving efficiency.

-Vials or other diameters: Ф20-90mm, height: 30-200mm small round bottle circumferential stickers can be equipped with a feeding turntable(optional) to realize a vertical large-capacity feeding and conveying

Round Bottle Vertical Labeling Machine

innovational structure

Screw bottle divider: The screw separates the bottles at equal intervals and enters the labeling station; the star roller and the bottle winding belt implement three-line positioning of the bottle body to ensure labeling accuracy; vertical labeling can complete inkjet, inkjet detection, Missing label detection, rejection of unqualified products, etc.

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Premium Progress

Reeling belt: It is driven by a separate motor and can be steplessly adjusted by frequency conversion.

With the speed of labeling, the labeling is perfect and wrinkle-free, and it is designed to effectively prevent problems such as missing, wrong, and re-sticking that may be caused by the label roll.

*Muti-intelligent inspection system perfect the high-speed, high precision, and stability.

*The complete labeling machinery adopts SUS304 stainless steel and high-strength aluminum alloy compliance with the cGMP, FDA, OSHA, CSA, SGS, and CE.

bottle label maker

Emery drive roller

The drive roller is made of gold steel grit material, which has high friction and never slips, ensuring the lasting accuracy of the label delivery function. The gold steel grit is very wear-resistant, and it overcomes the slippage and running of the label when rubber or metal is easily worn. Partial phenomenon.

Hot stamping machine: adopts high-speed pneumatic coding, the maximum speed can reach 500 times per minute. The azimuth adjustment adopts screw adjustment, which is easy and convenient for manual adjustment.

Optional HP high-resolution inkjet printer for online printing of three phases of code

1-20ml 7-20ml ampoules, vials, oral liquids, and other narrow round bottle products, ideal equipment for fast and automatic labeling and printing on the packaging.


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Dimension L2100mm×W1230×H1400mm
Container size diameter:Ф28-120mm
Speed 20-120Bottle/minute (depending on the size of the bottle and the length of the label)
Labeler accuracy ± 0.5mm
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