News - How to choose a perfect labeling machine?

Labels are an important part of packaging, and most of the products on the market today cannot be without packaging. Through the label, the brand, quantity, nature and other content of the product are told to consumers. So how to post clear and beautiful labels to attract consumers? Traditional hand-labeling is obsolete. In pursuit of efficiency and labeling quality, automation has entered the packaging industry. At present, there are countless labeling machine manufacturers. The advantage is that buyers can shop around when choosing, but the disadvantage is that they do not know what kind of machine to choose. Here are a few suggestions from SHELL-CONNING & S-CONNING Packaging Technology:

First, recognize the characteristics of the enterprise in the industry. Does the industry have special requirements for machinery and equipment? Take the food industry as an example, which requires strict hygiene requirements. The equipment is mainly made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-free, and meets the needs of GMP production; food production generally requires an online coding device to print on the label. Information such as date and batch number, S-CONNING & SHELL-CONNING can realize the integration of labeling and coding.

Second, clarify your own production needs. Including the variety, specification, quantity, output and work efficiency of the product, the customer determines the speed of the labeling machine in combination with the front-end production line, so as to perfectly match. All S-CONNING & SHELL-CONNING labeling machines are adjustable in speed, so it is ideal for you to choose the labeling machine that suits your production range.

Again, it is necessary to refer to the operating conditions of the enterprise. Some buyers blindly pursue loftiness when purchasing a labeling machine, which will lead to excessive investment and unnecessary waste. If the development is good, funds are abundant, and efficiency needs to be improved urgently, then choose a high-quality labeling machine


that matches the labeling speed and work efficiency. In this case, although the machine configuration is high and the price is relatively high, the labeling accuracy is high Accurate and non-foaming, the probability of failure is low, and the value of the labeling machine can be maximized. If the enterprise is in the early stage of development and the production requirements are not high, a labeling machine with a more common configuration can not only meet the production requirements, but also reduce the financial pressure.

Finally, for the customers who purchase the labeling machine for the first time, they do not know much about the situation of the labeling machine. They should send the samples that need to be labelled to the S-CONNING factory for evaluation and testing, so as to reduce the risk of purchasing the labeling machine.

Post time: May-17-2022