News - S-CONNING self-adhesive labeling machine is suitable for different industries

Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical industry is one of the industries that use the most automatic labeling machines. They generally have high requirements for the speed of the labeling machine. When designing the labeling machine, the connection and integration of the pre- and post-labeling processes should also be considered. , production lines and additional functions such as light check-in pallets;

Daily chemical industry: There are many container shapes in the daily chemical industry, and various types of unconventional labeling machines are born. Soft plastic containers and "label-free visual sense" also increase the difficulty of labeling accuracy and bubble removal control.


Food industry: Food manufacturing is the most common thing in people's life. Manufacturers will make a lot of efforts to make their products stand out from many products. The multi-layer labels of vertical labeling machines provide manufacturers with more promotion opportunities and Promotion space.

Beverage industry: In the beverage industry, fast speed and accurate positioning are essential requirements, and one bottle with multiple labels is often encountered, as well as the diversity of appearances. The position control skills of the labeling machine are also very high. of.

Electronics industry: The electronics industry has very high requirements for the use of labels. In addition to the special requirements for label materials, the requirements for the accuracy of labeling machines are also very high. On the premise of realizing real-time printing and pasting of large amounts of data, Communicate with the main system data, etc.

Battery industry: The battery manufacturing industry has widely used automatic labeling machines for roll-to-roll shrink labels. A well-designed labeling machine can operate at high speed while ensuring the interface of the label is flat.

Petrochemical industry: The petrochemical industry often needs to stick product labels on containers such as large barrels and large bottles of horizontal labeling machines. The required speed and accuracy are relatively loose, but due to the large labels, the power requirements of the labeling machine are relatively high. When sticking large-area labels on the curved surface, or when labeling on the flow line with uneven speed, keeping the label to show that it is flat is also the focus of the designer.

S-CONNING has been focusing on the labeling machine industry for 11 years, with strong cooperation with the world's top 500 companies, ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification, integrating production, research and development, sales and service, providing pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical, electronic , information and tobacco industry to provide a full range of intelligent labeling solutions and customized services.

Post time: Jun-17-2022