News - S605 Vertical Feeding Horizontal Labeling System Turnkey Delivery–Shell-Conning , April 16, 2021
S605 Vertical Feeding Horizontal Labeling System Turnkey Delivery--Shell-Conning ,
April 16, 2021
Customers from G Provincial Bio-medical Institute gave permission to make delivery of S605 after a thoroughly on-field survey accompanied by the Chairman of Shell-Conning Mr.Zhangzhiping, dated April 15th , 2021.
S605 Vertical Feeding Horizontal Labeling System is specially designed for Ampoule high-speed labeling with bottle to tray insertion. Fully automatic feeding, printing, labeling and tray insertion synchronized process guarantees a stable discharging speed up to 600bpm. Although there is stoppage caused by defected re-use of testing materials, this was successfully solved under the repeated effort in two weeks by the technician and colleagues.At present, with the global climate change and aging of population have brought about a series of chronic disease and epidemic of the virus, which is an intensively challenge to our pharmaceutical and medical industry.To cope with the new trend in pharmaceutical and medical industry, we have made a series of products in recent years, including our products for chronic diseases, such as S605. With the success in turnkey project of S605 , we have made a great breakthrough in medicine industry.
NEWS 16th, APR 2021
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