News - Shell-Conning Labeling Machine Operation Competition & Product Presentation Session By Business Dept.

S-Conning Labeling Machine Operation Competition & Product Presentation Session By Business Dept.

Apr.30 2021

In order to ensure the effective development of this machine operation competition, the company has formulated detailed activity plans, competition rules and competition disciplines. In this competition, the administration department and the business department each selected one person to participate in the competition. The picture below shows the contestants carefully practicing and debugging the machine in the workshop before the competition.


At the competition site, the players held a serious attitude and strictly abide by the rules and disciplines of the competition.

The judges strictly follow the standard process of the competition and comprehensively score the performance of the contestants.

Mr. Zhang gave technical guidance and summary of the competition, and by personally demonstrating the video of debugging the machine, let the participants and employees have a clearer understanding of the documentary, debugging process and details.

The Product Presentation Session
First, Kong Jing from the Marketing Department will give you an introduction to the exhibition and a brief introduction to the exhibition machines as the opening.

Then every colleague in the business department took turns to give a comprehensive speech on the models they chose to better understand the characteristics and sales directions of the models.

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Finally, the four reviewers summarized the speech of the sharing session and made suggestions, so that colleagues can understand their familiarity with the product, so as to better correct the deficiencies.

The company aims at a competition event and product speech sharing session as the center, to train and train a group of high-quality, skilled job leaders, and constantly improve the enthusiasm and initiative of employees to start a business. Vigorously create a strong atmosphere of comparison and learning to catch up, and set off an upsurge of learning skills, training skills, and strong quality within the company, so as to meet the new height of the company's business with better professional quality.

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