News - The basic structure and function of star wheel round bottle labeling machine

S-CONNING S322 star wheel round bottle labeling machine is suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industry round bottle labeling products. The conveyor belt, round bottle and star wheel are step-less speed regulation.
This machine can not only be used in single machine labeling, but also with other packaging machine line production.

(1) Labeling system adopts servo motor driven labeling head to ensure labeling accuracy. The parts of the label feeder are corrosion-resistant, and the traction roller is covered with gold steel sand outer coating to ensure that the rotating motion becomes continuous free sliding transfer to the base paper of the label belt.
(2) Using vertical labeling method, plate chain device feeding, to ensure the stability of the material.
(3) the use of linear continuous transmission, intermittent delivery of the label of the main orange structure. When labeling, brush labeling, round bottle labeling mechanism, so that the label sticking firm and smooth.
(4) The label electric eye sensitivity can be adjusted, which can identify and compare the label base paper with different light transmittance and adjust the sensitivity, and can make the best adjustment for labels with different length to ensure normal and smooth labeling.
(5) Object electric eye with double noise elimination function, not by external light or ultrasonic noise interference, accurate detection, can ensure accurate labeling without error.
(6) All mechanisms including fasteners are mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum material, never rust, no pollution, to ensure the GMP environmental requirements
(7) All the system control components have international standardized certification, and have passed strict in-factory assessment tests to ensure the reliability of each function.
(8) The working state and fault of the machine have a warning function. When the system runs, stops and has a fault, the system will record the occurrence and end of the event (fault lifting), so that the operation and maintenance is more convenient.
(9)PLC reserved interface, in the online state can accept the control signal of the upper computer.
(10) Factory Settings of operating software. In any case, the machine operating software Settings can be restored to factory defaults. The factory Settings of the operating software cannot be changed.
(11) Complete help information. Users can press Help in any operation to obtain detailed help description.

Post time: Jul-25-2022