News - Why do bubbles or wrinkles appear after labeling

Self-adhesive label bubbles are a phenomenon that end users often encounter during the labeling process. S-Conning tell you that the main reasons for this are as follows:

1. Uneven glue coating: The surface of the self-adhesive material is composed of three parts: surface material, adhesive and backing paper. From the manufacturing process, it is divided into surface coating, surface material, coating layer, adhesive, and release coating. It consists of seven parts (silicon coating), backing paper, back coating or back printing. The uneven coating of glue is mainly caused by the process sink that occurs when the film supplier is applying the glue.

Self-adhesive label bubbles

2. Poor design of the pressure wheel of the labeling machine and insufficient pressure: Generally, the main components of the automatic labeling machine include the unwinding wheel, the buffer wheel, the guide roller, the driving roller, the winding wheel, the peeling plate and the pressing wheel (labeling roller). The process of automatic labeling is that after the sensor on the labeling machine sends a signal that the labeling object is ready for labeling, the driving wheel of the labeling machine rotates. Since the roll label is in a tensioned state on the device, when the backing paper is close to the peeling plate and changes the running direction, the front end of the label is forced to be separated from the backing paper due to the certain stiffness of its own material, ready for labeling. The object is just at the lower part of the label, and under the action of the pressure roller, the label separated from the backing paper is evenly and flatly applied to the object. After labeling, the sensor under the roll label sends a signal to stop running, the drive wheel is stationary, and a labeling cycle ends. If the pressure wheel of the labeling machine is defective in pressure setting or structural design, it will also cause foaming during the labeling process of the self-adhesive label. Please re-adjust the pressure of the pressure wheel or coordinate with the manufacturer of the labeling machine to solve it;

3. Electrostatic effect: For film materials, static electricity can also cause bubbles on the label. There are two main reasons for the occurrence of static electricity: First, it is related to the climate and the environment. The cold climate and dry air are the main reasons for the generation of static electricity. When using self-adhesive labels in winter in northern my country, static electricity is often generated during the labeling process. In addition, static electricity is also generated between materials, and when materials and related parts of the labeling machine are rubbed and contacted. When labeling on an automatic labeling machine, static electricity will cause air bubbles and affect the labeling effect.

Self-adhesive label bubbles 2

Post time: Jul-04-2022