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Full-automatic intelligent sealing and packing machine (4 in 1)

For food or beverage industries, metallic cans or containers packing.

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S26 Packing Mchine (4 in 1)



-For food or beverage industries, metallic cans or containers packing.

-S-Conning S26 Full-automatic intelligent packing machines is a fully automatic packaging equipment integrating unpacking, stacking, packing, sealing box and other production processes (4 in 1).


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Performance features

- integrated with labeling and boxing insert and carton input(optional), the machine allows gang control, intelligent functions and high efficiency;

-Applicable to various types of can or metallic can(container), such as oral liquid container, food containers, beverage containers, jar and pen-injectors, etc.

-you can match with all kinds of robotic arms to achieve docking labeling machines fully automatic solution. The stable production efficiency of the equipment can reach 6 boxes/minute, and various performances reach the international advanced level. The equipment adopts full servo control, and has box shortage detection, product incoming material detection, stacking overload protection, and carton position detection at each station, so as to realize the whole process of product production monitoring and control.


-along with explosion-proof electric cabinet and mechanism for aerosol product packing, which fully meets aerosol cans packaging and International GMP requirements .




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Main features of Full-automatic intelligent packing machine:

  1. -The whole machine integrates automatic unpacking, automatic packing and sealing. The equipment is small in size and highly automated.
  2. -The whole machine shield, balcony design, open and easy to clean and clean, beautiful and elegant, fully comply with GMP requirements
  3. -France Schneider PLC control system with 3 servo motors
  4. -Double servo manipulator cooperates with imported slide rail.
  5. -Germany FESTO solenoid valve, YADE passenger cylinder, pneumatic assembly design.
  6. -Each station is accurate and in place, all have photoelectric detection, fault alarm, material protection
  7. -Container warehouse inspection, delivery inspection, tape inspection to ensure that the finished product is qualified
  8. -The replacement specification station adjustment adopts self-locking wrench, rocker and hand wheel for quick exchange and strong versatility.
  9. -Equipped with cloud control system, remote management and monitoring system
  10. -Comes with Germany Baker vacuum pump, stable air source and low noise (optional)


The unpacking mechanism adds a swing arm fixing system to make unpacking more stable. It can be easily connected to a series of automation equipment such as strapping baler, box code or three-level code printing, box code labeling, robot palletizing mechanism, logistics transportation and so on. Everything, just for perfect packaging of your products

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Specifications(for reference):

  1. Main electrical configuration sheet of Full-automatic intelligent packing machine:
Name Model Origin and Producer
CPU TM241CEC80T Schneider
Touch screen HMIGXU5512 Schneider
Frequency converter ATX12H037M2 Schneider
Server Driver LXM23AU04M3X Schneider
Server Driver LXM23AU07M3X Schneider
Server motor BCH0802012FIC Schneider
Server motor BCH0802012AIC Schneider
Industrial Intelligent Gateway GC-4G0203 Schneider
Solid -state relay MGR-1D4825 Schneider
Switching power supply ABL2REM24045H Schneider
Power off switch CX-441 Panasonic
Alarm light XVGB3SMA Schneider
Small breaker A9F17432 Schneider
Small Beraker A9F17216 Schneider
Small beraker A9F17210 Schneider
Small breaner A9F17110 Schneider
Small breaker RXM2AB2BD Schneider
Vacuum solenoid valve VP742R-SD01-04A FESTO
Pressure reducing valve ARG20-01BG1 FESTO
The electromagnetic valve SY5100-5U1 FESTO
Cylinder TN-20*240 AirTAC
Cylinder TN  20*20 AirTAC
Cylinder TN-20*220 AirTAC
Cylinder MA16*40 AirTAC
Cylinder MA32*90 AirTAC
Cylinder SU40*800 AirTAC
Rodless cylinder 25*350 AirTAC
Air cleaner AW30-02BD-B FESTO
Vacuum pump WEA90S2 BECKER


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