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Plane Labeling Machine

automatic feeding and labeling of flat objects

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Plane Labeling Machine

S213 is an exquisitely designed automatic print and apply label systems and applicator in the range of daily cosmetic , electronic , pharmaceutical , foods & beverage other industries products.

daily chemical labeling machinery

The Optimal Upgrade

An independent reversely-rubbed feeder distributes flat items with various size and thickness smoothly and stably.

A vacuum suction conveyor leads to more stable and more accurate transport of products Print batch number, date, time, fixed data and so on in real time

 Automatic feeding and labeling of flat objects such as fold-down cartons, leaflets,cads etc. Integrated options include online printing of variable information and barcodes/OR code, inspection and automatic rejection

-Vacuum assisted conveyor to ensure product stability during transport and labeling,and thus allows high operation speed of the system.

-Extra wide feeder and material path to cater for a wide range of product size.

lotion filling line

innovational structure

Wide range adjustability suit for different size object. The unique pneumatic holding label mechanism , enhance the labeling precision.

sensible and flexible design convenient for different products labeling.

label applicator machine can plane labeling for different object, widen application range;

essential oil machine

Premium Progress

*Can be connected with any automatic production line seamlessly

*Outstanding label feeding technology ensure the synchronous tension, position accuracy, no deviation when in batching, none breaking labeling when in high-speeding operation.

*Mature technology ensure no wrinkle and no air bubbles when labeling.

*Muti-intelligent inspection system perfect the high-speed, high precision, and stability.

*The complete labeling machinery adopt SUS304 stainless steel and high-strength aluminium alloy compliance with the cGMP, FDA, OSHA, CSA, SGS, and CE.

daily chemical production line

From the design, very first time of operation, management, maintenance and the future production lines,  S-conning think more for you and your company.
-Built in-operation manual: beginners can learn from the display on how to operate the machines within a short time. This saves both money and time during training.
Built in-troubleshooting manual: the display would guide the user through troubleshooting.

-User-friendly label length set up system: The up-to-day HMI  controls allows the user to set label parameters.

-Control system of labeler utilizes a large touch screen panel, certified by CE and UL regulations for efficient and effective monitoring of the labeling process.

-This unique and innovative system can guarantee that label setting are programmed accurately and applied onto the proper position.
-Labeling counter-keeps tracks of the quantity of products processed by the machine.
-Pre-set counter - a quantity can be preset for a production batch and the machine will automatically stop as the amount is attained.
-Simply touching the screen allows you to delay label application and adjust label position.

cosmetic production line


Dimension (L)2570 x (W)750x(H)1530mm
Container size (W)40mm ~ 180 X (L)60~250  X (H)0. 3-2mm
Speed ≤300pc/m
Labeler accuracy ± 1.0mm
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