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S-Conning High Speed Prefilled Syringes Assembly & Labeling Machine for Prefill Syringes System

Why do we offer?
Recently the world is suffering with the COVID-19, for solve the urgent demand of vaccine.

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    What do we offer?
    Recently the world is suffering with the COVID-19, for solve the urgent demand of vaccine, S-conning has upgraded technology of prefilled syringes labeling system, enhanced the stability of performance, S400 now is acting the important role on the massive production of vaccine in the special period. 


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    1.The range of Application:
    The equipment is Sophisticated developed for connect with the prefilled syringes system and labeling of prefilled syringe. When connecting with automatic nest-remover and automatic syringe rod trimmer, It can automatically complete the functions of:
    1. needle tube nest-removing
    2. push rod feeding
    3. combination booster
    4. combination torsion bar
    5. combination outerwear and labeling
    6. Syringes labeling
    7.  buffer platform

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    vaccine syringe labeling machinery

    S400 be equip with Top-ranking servo control and Germany PLC ensures that the rubber plug does not shift during screw, the advanced intelligent visually detector whether the push rod is in place or too tight, the visual detector whether the push rod is in place or too tight

    2.Model characteristics:
    *Mainly for assembly the rod and labeling after filling&sealing with the disposable syringes, stable production capacity can reach to 400bpm,
    *tolerance range: 0.2~0.5ml (the gap between the top of the push rod and the surface of the rubber plug)
    *synchronously performing functions such as needle nesting, pusher feeding, screwing rod, and labeling etc
    *sophisticated material
    *aviation grade craftwork.
    *The versatile combination can be connected or stand-alone operation.
    *Optional spray coding, stamping coding, laser coding, etc., online label printing unit, and automatic rejection devices, etc

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    3. Specifications:

    S/No. Item Parameters Remark
    1 Speed <=400 pieces per minute Related to the Bottle size, Label Size and feed speed
    2 Tube Size 1-10ml syringe Ø6-20mm Corresponding parts need to be replaced for different diameter tubes.
    3 Labeling Accuracy ±0.5mm Not including error of the paste & label
    4 Speed of label sending out <=60meters/minute  
    5 Label roll inner diameter:76mm,
    outer diameter:350mm
    6 Label specifications: (L)15-100 (W)10-80 mm  
    7 Power 220V±5% 50/60Hz 1KW  
    8 Machine Outer Size (mm) About(L)2600mm × (W)100mm × (H)1600mm For reference only. Please confirm the size of the final plan

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