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Carton dual corner diagonal sealing labeling machine

APPLICATION:Variety square boxes,labeling for single and double across corners & sealing

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APPLICATION: Variety square boxes,labeling for single and double across corners & sealing

Hold down conveyor at synchronized speed to maintain stability of cartons when labeling. Ensures labeling consistence for light weight cartons.

Providing dividing boxes , top pressure and fix, labeling, corner holding label and leakage label detection label & rejection label and other functions ,to ensure sealing and labeling intactly, so that users can be assured connect with the carton machine ,to realized high-speed operation;

Optional transparent protective encloser, with a safety lock switch, to ensure operator's safety.

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-Adopting high-speed servo labeling system.

-Applicable to various types of carton labeling, with single-side or diagonal sealing and corner folding.

- Stable speed: 0-200 pcs/minute.

-High-precision labeling system, with labeling tolerances±1mm.

- Intelligent control system to ensure no wrinkles when labeling and no air bubbles for transparent labels.

- Correction mechanism of synchronous chain to ensure stable carton transfer and precise position.

-The complete machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel and A6061

high-strength aluminum alloy, with good appearance and compliance of the specification requirements of cGMP, FDA, OSHA, CSA, SGS and CE.

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Extra Performance

Box Labeling Machine sensible and flexible design convenient for different products labeling.

Can plane labeling for different object ,widen application range.

By adding the additional label's applicators can realize the stick double labeling and repeat stick labeling,  We can add different component parts for online detection and rejection function according to your requirement.

Dynamic clamping belt .ensure the labeling positioning more accurately.

  •  Smart label length set to quickly achieve for perfect position of label by counter.
  • • Missing label set prevents product miss-labeled to ensure product accuracy while production and fulfill production QC procedure.
  • • A built-in counter can either run freely keeping track of the number of products labeled to control the production.
  • • Production preset function that the labeler automatically stops when the desired numbers of products have been labeled for efficient production management.
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Dimension (L)2400 x (W)1550x(H)1660mm
Container size  (H)20-100mm  (W)30-210mm  (L) 100-200mm
Speed  ≤200pc/m
Labeler accuracy ± 1.0mm


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