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Double Side Flat Square Round Bottle Labeling Machine

S-conning also offer with the high-end customize, the LS-823 Automatic self-adhesive double-sided labeling machine

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What do we offer?

All labeling machines made by S-conning have passed ISO9001 and CE certificate.

"Professional · High-end customized" is S-conning's motto. With 12 years of experience, we have professional and excellent R&D team, provide premium labeling solutions depending on client requirement.

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1.The range of Application:

The model S823 two sides Labeling machine suit for different kinds products need labeling on front back two sides at the same time.

Also suit for round bottle labeling wrap around.


(P.S. our labeling machine can be designed according to your needs)


 2. Device Characteristics:

Electrical cabinet,Conveying mechanism,Separate bottle device,Press bottle device,Roll label device,Brush label device,1# and 2# labeling servo engines, Operation system and control system


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Our Advantages:

Adopting high-speed servo labeling system

-Applicable to single-side and double-side labeling of various types of bottles(special-shape such as flat, square, round, elliptic shape, etc.);

- Stable speed:0-200 bottles/minute;

Correction mechanism of synchronous chain to ensure precise bottle position aftercorrection;

- Multi-intelligent inspection system, with perfect combinations of high speed, precision,stability and reliability

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Applicant of Labeling Machine:
a. Different kinds of objects' flat labeling, widely applied in cosmetics, daily chemical,  electronics, food and medicine.
b. Flat labeling on the surface of square bottles for cosmetics, medicine.
c. Flat labeling or anti-counterfeit labeling on the surface of various kinds of boxes.
d. Flat labeling on LCD screen, electronic components.

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Label width A/10-120mm, C/10-180mm
Label length 20-150mm
Diameter of bottle body 20-125mm H300mm (bigger size is available on request)
Label roll inner diameter 76mm
Label roll outer diameter ≤350mm
Speed ≤200PPM




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