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S-322 double star wheel round bottle labeling machine

S-conning developed this versatile S322 widely be applied to Flat Square Round Bottle and stable containers

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With years of  extensive technology experience the S322 is a versatile automatic labeling machinery widely be applied to round or cylindrical-shaped stable containers labeling application in the pharmaceutical, food and beverages, and daily chemical industries.

Be equiped with advance automatic detection of bottle diameter and auto adjustment of parameters, Sending & collecting device: optional distribution (collecting ) trays, also can directly connect with the production line and the optional Printing equipment flexible matching with thermal transfer printer、hot printing machine or ink-jet printer, highly efficiency with auto label service.


Double Sides Labeling Machine

What is our advantages?

1) .PLC combined with human/machine interface LCD touch screen controller.

2). 304 Stainless steel frame construction and components are standard.

3). Full servo dynamical system labeling speed synchronized the conveyor speed to ensure quality labeling.

4). 50 Job Memory for easy recall.

5). Precision 5 phase stepper motor drive on label heads.

6).Ensure the whole machine meet GMP environmental requirements.

7) .Professional HMI touch screen: more humanized touch control screen

8) Also be widely use for cosmetic making machine

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S/No. Item Parameters Remark
1 Speed Flat bottle≦200 botles/minute Related to the Bottle size, Label Size and feed speed
2 Bottle Size Flat bottleThickness: 20-90mm; Height≦300mm  
3 Labeling Accuracy ±1.5mm Not including error of the paste & label
4 Stop label Accuracy ±0.3mm  
5 Conveyor speed 5~40meters/minute  
6 Speed of label sending out 3~50meters/minute  
7 Width of Conveyor belt 91mm  
8 Label roll inner diameter:76mm, outer diameter:350mm  
9 Power 220V±5%  50/60Hz  1KW  
10 Direction tight→left or left→right(Determine your direction when placing an order) "Direction" refers to the direction of object flow when the worker is facing the operating interface
11 Machine Outer Size (mm) About(L)3000mm × (W)1650mm × (H)1500mm For reference only. Please confirm the size of the final plan


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